Howdy, let me introduce myself….
My name is June some people call me Finn (It’s a shortened version of the Welsh word for June ……Mehefin, if you didn’t already know). I live in Manchester,UK but my heart belongs in North Wales by the sea. My heritage through my father is Welsh.

I am an openly gay woman, I have a partner who is 21 years my junior but that is irrelevant and I have just become engaged to.   What else is there to know well I’m in my mid forties  with a brain that still thinks it’s twenty something years old.

I am full-time carer, and have been for the last 22 years as my mum is paraplegic and also she is profoundly deaf. I also work part-time 24 hours a week, office based ,no words can describe how boring this is ,Yawn.  I know how fortunate I am to be able to do that, as I know from experience how demanding being a caregiver is both physical and mentally ,which actually brings me nicely to the other major thing there is to know about me. I have been very open about the fact I have suffered from mental health problems (from time to time) since I was a child (no doubt I will discuss this and all the other aspects of my life in my future postings).

Anyway in the process of getting my qualifications under my belt for British Sign Language , which will hopefully lead me to interpreting and community support worker jobs in colleges and schools.

I have dabbled in writing , mainly poetry since I was 14 , funny enough about the time I realised  I liked girls,  oh and it helps my dyslexia . Anyway creative mojo left the building for a while  but please to say it’s come back home

This is my second blog on here,  my  primary blog is ” May contain rants “, that is where my poetry is kept. Feel free to check it out.

The reason for doing this blog is to share stories , the weird and funny conversation and situation that happen in my world . I have only previous shared these stories to friends and family on Facebook ,but I got thinking maybe they’d put a smile on someone else’s face as well . Most of the conversation etc etc  involve my partner who will refer to as J and my Mum who I will refer to as DB .

Anyway I hope you enjoy !

Finn x


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