Eye spy …

About four weeks ago my girlfriend was recovering from pacemaker surgery, so I took a week off to look after her. Anyway after a few days of having to stay in we were all getting cabin fever so we decided to play a game…




Did you know …

A typical weekend morning for us consists of a lie in , a chat and usually J browsing twitter and ‘uberfacts’, especially about penguins ! Anyway here’s a conversation we had the other week…



Wedding dresses!!!???

I recently got engaged to my partner after being with her for five years. Now we have very different Ideas about what we want regarding the wedding , me keep it as simple as possible, J the bigger the better! The one thing we do agree on is that were not rushing into marriage and we do know where we want to get married . Anyway  were very different people when it comes to styles although we do fit each others personalities but there was one thing I dreaded about the wedding until…



Next time just keep the window open!!

Now it’s well known long distance driving can be tiring and regular breaks should taken, especially when you’ve been up early , so apart from the breaks I like to keep the window open, I also like to keep alert by talking to who ever is in the car . However when my girlfriend is in the car we play games like  odd coloured car, or count the cows or sheep, we travel to Wales ALOT!! Anyway on a recent road trip my girlfriend decided we should play “20 Questions”, and then came Question 12!..



It’s the thought that counts …

Now me and partner are a fairly romantic couple, buying gifts, surprising each other, etc etc. There doesn’t go a weekend when she doesn’t buy me flowers , so I thought I’d surprise her by  buying her flowers for a change , well little did I know it was me who was in for a surprise. Anyway as the saying goes it’s”The thought that counts “, maybe some should trying telling J that next time I decide to buy her flowers …



Thank God spiders don’t fly!!!

My partner hates spiders , in fact any creepy crawlies Anyway last week I was suffering with my back, and found it difficult too move and sleeping even more difficult, it took me ages to get to sleep!. As it was a warm evening we left the bedroom window open and in came the SPIDER!!

This is what happened next!! 🙂

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What do I call you?

I recently proposed to my girlfriend J (she’s the blonde one) who is 21 years my junior), about three weeks ago (she said YES!!) Anyway this is a cartoon version of a conversation we had last weekend about the word Fiancee!!


Cankles and size seven feet

The following was originally shared on my other blog May contain rants, it’s based on a conversation I had with my girlfriend – enjoy 🙂


Rarely we argue, we rarely fight

We have bond so strong so tight

But that night we fought, how we fought

It all started off so innocently

The usual pick you up from the hospital where you worked

Quick kisses on the cheek as you get into the car

With “Hi babe how was your day?”

and then, oh yes then

I made the mistake on commenting on your ankles

I wish could have eaten those words right there and then

I said”Sweetheart  look your ankles are swollen ,are you ok?”

you reply with displeasure

that if I think hard enough  still resonates in my head

“Those are my ankles! Are you implying I have cankles?”

“No I was worried because of your heart condition

and with you being on your feet all day, that’s all.”

You sarcastically reply “I”m amazed you got down as far my ankles!”

Jokingly I replied “I know I’m amazed I got past your breast too!”

A silent journey home ensues

then slamming of

car doors,

front doors,

bedroom doors,

bathroom doors,

an hour later you reappear

you still not happy, I can tell

The three of us sit down for dinner my mum, you and I

you’re laughing joking with my mum but me ,I may as well not have been there

my mum retires to her room

silently we’re in the kitchen clearing the plates

I’m washing, you’re drying.

all of a sudden you remember I’m there

You say “ I may have cankles,  but you have size seven feet! “

an all mighty war breaks out because my feet are actually size six

and I didn’t actually say you had cankles!.

later we’ve headed to bed

back to back we lay,

I say “I’m sorry , you have beautiful ankles”

I turn and so do you

we’re face to face

you kiss me on my forehead and said “It’s ok , I forgive you

but you still have size 7 feet! ”

©Copyright 2013 by June Bolland.



Howdy this is my second newest blog on here , everything you need to know about me visible on my main blog which is called “May contain Rants” and can be found at http://onlythedepthvaries.wordpress.com

Why a new blog ? This blog is solely going to be for the sharing of stories , conversations and situations that happen in life , the main characters (for want for a better word  are my partner who I will refer to as J , Me of course and finally my mother who I will refer to as DB)

I have shared real life conversations with friends/family on Facebook and they’ve enjoyed them , they’ve made people smile , they’ve made people laugh  so I thought why not share  hopefully make some  more people smile, anyway I hope you enjoy my future posting’s on here 🙂 x